Charles M. Lamb

Charles Lamb

Ph.D., University of Alabama
Email: clamb@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-645-8441
Office: 503 Park Hall
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)



Areas of Teaching and Research Interest:

Public Law (constitutional law, civil liberties, judicial politics); Public Policy (policy making, implementation, civil rights, housing); American Politics (presidency, courts, urban and ethnic politics); Politics and History(presidency; bureaucracy; Congress; interest groups).

Courses Taught:

PSC 101 – Introduction to American Politics
PSC 211 – Issues in Contemporary Politics
PSC 215 – Law and the Political Process
PSC 301 – Cases in Civil Liberties
PSC 302 – Protecting Civil Liberties
PSC 303 – Constitutional Law
PSC 305 – Judicial Politics
PSC 314 – Public Policy Making
PSC 324 – Politics of Housing
PSC 401 – Advanced Civil Liberties

PSC 480 – Advanced Constitutional Law
PSC 506 – Policy Making Process
PSC 561 – Constitutional Law

PSC 562 – Constitutional Law II
PSC 662 – Judicial Process
PSC 668 – Public Policy Problems
PSC 675 – Implementing Civil Rights
PSC 761 – American Political Frontiers

Current Research:

A book entitled Presidents, Bureaucracy, and Fair Housing in America.

Brief Bio:

Charles M. Lamb is Professor of Political Science. Before coming to UB, he was a research scientist at George Washington University and a fair housing specialist at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in Washington, DC. He is the author of Housing Segregation in Suburban America since 1960: Presidential and Judicial Politics (Cambridge University Press). He has also published in professional journals and co-edited four books: Supreme Court Activism and Restraint (Lexington Books); Implementation of Civil Rights Policy (Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.); Judicial Conflict and Consensus: Behavioral Studies of American Appellate Courts (University Press of Kentucky); and The Burger Court: Political and Judicial Profiles (University of Illinois Press).

Selected Recent Research:

“Cooperative Federalism and Fair Housing Enforcement,” Social Science Quarterly (forthcoming)(with Charles S. Bullock III and Eric M. Wilk).

“School and Housing Segregation,” in David L. Leal, Taeku Lee, and Mark Sawyer, eds., The Oxford Handbook on Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014)(Oxford Handbooks Online)(with Charles S. Bullock III)(book version forthcoming).

Fair Housing Enforcement in the South and Non-South,” Social Science Quarterly 96:941-954(2015) (with Charles S. Bullock III and Eric M.Wilk).

“Administrative Law Judges in Fair Housing Enforcement: Attitudes, Case Facts, and Political Control,” Social Science Quarterly 94: 362-378 (2013) (with Nicholas R. Seabrook and Eric M. Wilk).

“Do Presidents Control Bureaucracy? The Federal Housing Administration during the Truman-Eisenhower Era,” Political Science Quarterly 127: 445-67 (2012) (with Adam W. Nye).

“Federalism, Efficiency, and Civil Rights Enforcement,” Political Research Quarterly 64: 392-404 (2011) (with Eric M. Wilk).

“Civil Rights, Federalism, and the Administrative Process: Favorable Outcomes by Federal, State, and Local Agencies in Housing Discrimination Complaints,” Public Administration Review 70: 412-421 (2010). (with Eric M. Wilk).



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