Charles M. Lamb

Charles Lamb

Ph.D., University of Alabama
Email: clamb@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-645-8441
Office: 503 Park Hall
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)



Areas of Teaching and Research Interest:

Public Law (constitutional law, civil liberties, judicial politics); Public Policy (policy making, implementation, civil rights, housing); American Politics (presidency, courts, urban and ethnic politics); Politics and History(presidency; bureaucracy; Congress; interest groups).

Courses Taught:

PSC 101 – Introduction to American Politics
PSC 211 – Issues in Contemporary Politics
PSC 215 – Law and the Political Process
PSC 301 – Cases in Civil Liberties
PSC 302 – Protecting Civil Liberties
PSC 303 – Constitutional Law
PSC 305 – Judicial Politics
PSC 314 – Public Policy Making
PSC 324 – Politics of Housing
PSC 401 – Advanced Civil Liberties

PSC 480 – Advanced Constitutional Law
PSC 506 – Policy Making Process
PSC 561 – Constitutional Law

PSC 562 – Constitutional Law II
PSC 662 – Judicial Process
PSC 668 – Public Policy Problems
PSC 675 – Implementing Civil Rights
PSC 761 – American Political Frontiers

Current Research:

A book entitled Presidents, Bureaucracy, and Fair Housing in America.

Brief Bio:

Charles M. Lamb is Professor of Political Science. Before coming to UB, he was a research scientist at George Washington University and a fair housing specialist at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in Washington, DC. He is the author of Housing Segregation in Suburban America since 1960: Presidential and Judicial Politics (Cambridge University Press). He has also published in professional journals and co-edited four books: Supreme Court Activism and Restraint (Lexington Books); Implementation of Civil Rights Policy (Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.); Judicial Conflict and Consensus: Behavioral Studies of American Appellate Courts (University Press of Kentucky); and The Burger Court: Political and Judicial Profiles (University of Illinois Press).

Selected Recent Research:

“School and Housing Segregation,” in David L. Leal, Taeku Lee, and Mark Sawyer, eds., The Oxford Handbook on Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014)(Oxford Handbooks Online)(with Charles S. Bullock III)(book version forthcoming).

Fair Housing Enforcement in the South and Non-South,” Social Science Quarterly 96:941-954(2015) (with Charles S. Bullock III and Eric M.Wilk).

“Administrative Law Judges in Fair Housing Enforcement: Attitudes, Case Facts, and Political Control,” Social Science Quarterly 94: 362-378 (2013) (with Nicholas R. Seabrook and Eric M. Wilk).

“Do Presidents Control Bureaucracy? The Federal Housing Administration during the Truman-Eisenhower Era,” Political Science Quarterly 127: 445-67 (2012) (with Adam W. Nye).

“Federalism, Efficiency, and Civil Rights Enforcement,” Political Research Quarterly 64: 392-404 (2011) (with Eric M. Wilk).

“Civil Rights, Federalism, and the Administrative Process: Favorable Outcomes by Federal, State, and Local Agencies in Housing Discrimination Complaints,” Public Administration Review 70: 412-421 (2010). (with Eric M. Wilk).



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