MA Program


Students in the M.A. program must complete a total of 30 credit hours: eight courses (24 credit hours) and a Master’s Thesis (six
credit hours) or 9 courses (27 credit hours) and a Research Project Paper (three credit hours). A maximum of 6 hours of transfer
credit may be allowed. No more than three credits may be earned through the satisfactory completion of Political Science 599,
Supervised Teaching or PSC 600 Supervised Research.

In accordance with Graduate School regulations, all requirements must be completed in four years. Masters students are required
to take the following Department Core Courses (PSC 500-Introduction to Political Inquiry and PSC 508-Basic Statistics for Social Science) plus the Core Courses in two of the four Fields (PSC 503 in Comparative
Politics; PSC 504 in International Politics; PSC 505 in American Politics; PSC 561 in Public Law). A maximum of
three courses (nine credit hours) may be taken outside the Department, subject to prior approval for each by the Director of
Graduate Studies.

The Master’s Thesis or Research Project Paper is written under the direction of, and must be approved by, two faculty members;
it is also subject to the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. Although the research paper is ordinarily less substantial
than the thesis in scope, it is expected to be of comparable quality. As appropriate, faculty members outside the Department may
participate in the guidance of theses or research papers.

Masters candidates must complete 24 credit hours at the University at Buffalo.