Fellowships, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

A limited number of fellowships and assistantships are available for qualified graduate students. Departmental assistantships include a stipend for the academic year of $13,400 (on average) and a full tuition scholarship. In addition, the University offers a limited number of one- to four-year fellowships awarded on a competitive basis to outstanding students. These fellowships increase the base Departmental stipend by $2,000 to $8,000 per year. Recently, more than half of the students on Departmental assistantships also received University-level fellowships.

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Contingent on continued funding, special fellowships are also available supporting historically underrepresented students in graduate programs.

All full-time degree students are automatically considered for all fellowships and assistantships for their first year.

After successful completion of their first year of graduate work in the Department, only those students pursuing the Ph.D. degree will be eligible for financial assistance.