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Related UB Programs and Centers

The UB Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy – The Center

supports the interdisciplinary study of law and legal institutions and is affiliated with the University at Buffalo Law School.

UB’s Canadian Studies The Canadian Studies Advanced (Graduate) Certificate Program at the University at Buffalo was launched in 2007 and draws upon a wide range of the faculty’s expertise and interest in Canada. The Program is directed by Professor Munroe Eagles of the Department of Political Science.

The UB Regional Institute [Formerly referred to as the “Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth” – The center serves as a catalyst for new and existing initiatives that strengthen Western New York and the Buffalo-Niagara Region. The institute contributes to and supports regional planning, government efficiency, economy development, service delivery, and other areas crucial to the region’s vitality.

NCGIA – The National Center for geographic Information and Analysis. One of three centers across the country, its research program is based on resolving the many difficulties and realizing the great potential in applying geographic methods to practical problems.

Other Related UB Departments

          Department of Communication

          Department of Economics

          Department of Geography

          Department of History

          Department of Sociology

Library resources

UB Libraries

UB Libraries, Electronic Journals – Law, Politics, and Government

UB Libraries, Resources by Subject – Political Science

The United States Library of Congress



Professional Political Science Associations

American Political Science Association (APSA)

Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA)

Southern Political Science Association (SPSA)

Northeastern Political Science Association (NEPSA)

International Studies Association (ISA)

Peace Science Society

   A Scientific Association of Individuals Developing Theory and Methods for the Study of Peace.

New York Political Science Association (NYPSA)

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Compilations of Political Science Links

The Ultimate Political Science Links

Paul Hensel’s Political Science Page

Political Science Links, Michael Munger


National resources

U.S. Statistical Abstract

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Congressional Budget Office

ICPSR – The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research, from the University of Michigan.

Dave Leip’s Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections (election data)

The American Presidency Project

Campaign Finance Institute

Opensecrets (Campaign Finance)

The Living Room Candidate (archive of campaign ads)

Public Opinion Data

The Gallup Poll

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research

American National Election Studies

Polling Report – An independent, nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion.

Real Clear Politics (polling and commentary)

Non-U.S. Data

Comparative Politics Data (University of Michigan)

Comparative Politics Data (APSA Comparative Politics)

International Relations Data (Paul Hensel’s website)

“Foundational Datasets” (International Data Resource Center, ICPSR)


Major International Organizations

The United Nations


The World Bank

International Monetary Fund


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National and State Government

The Constitution of the United States of America

The President

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives and

U.S. House, Office of the Clerk

Supreme Court of the United States

Governor of New York

New York State Senate

New York State Assembly

Buffalo Resources

Buffalo Presidential Center

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site

Buffalo City Government

Erie County Government

The Buffalo News

Bill Rapoport’s Buffalo Restaurant Guide